Simple Excel Subtraction Formulae for Your Easy Math on- Screen

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The least difficult Excel subtraction formula comprises of the = sign, trailed by two or more numbers, with the – operator in the middle of them. This is appeared in the spreadsheet on the privilege.

The formula in the illustration spreadsheet minuses the numbers two and five from the number 11 and returns the quality 4.

Likewise with all Excel formulas, rather than writing in the numbers straightforwardly, you can utilize references to cells containing numbers.

The Excel subtraction formula in cell A1 of the spreadsheet on the right subtracts the values in cells B2 and B3 from the quality in cell B1. Once more, the formula gives back the quality 4.

Suppose you need to discover what number of stock things are not beneficial (aggregate stock less gainful things) or what number of representatives are drawing closer retirement age (complete workers short representatives under 55). There are a few approaches to subtract numbers.

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What would you like to do?

Subtract numbers in a cell

Subtract numbers in an extent

Subtract numbers in a cell

To do this errand, utilize the – (short sign) arithmetic operator.

For instance, on the off chance that you write the accompanying formula in a cell: =10-5

The cell shows the accompanying result: 5

Subtract numbers in an extent

To do this undertaking, utilize the SUM function. Including a negative number is the same as subtracting.

NOTE: There is no SUBTRACT function in Excel. Utilize the SUM function and change over any numbers that you need to subtract to their negative values. For instance, SUM(100,- 32,15,- 6) returns 77.


The illustration might be less demanding to comprehend in the event that you duplicate it to a clear worksheet.

Instructions to duplicate an illustration

  1. Create a clear exercise manual or worksheet.
  2. Select the case in the Help point.

NOTE: Do not choose the line or segment headers.

Selecting a case from Help

  1. Press CTRL+C.
  2. Make the selection of the cell A1, and after that press CTRL+V.

In order to switch in between review the outcomes and survey the methods that arrival the outcomes, use the CTRL+` or on the Formulas tab, in the Formula Auditing bunch, tap the Show Formulas catch.

How you utilize the SUM function

The SUM function includes all the numbers that you determine as contentions. Every contention can be an extent, a cell reference, a cluster, a steady, a formula, or the outcome from another function. For instance, SUM(A1:A5) includes all the numbers that are contained in cells A1 through A5 (a reach). For another case, SUM(A1, A3, A5) includes the numbers that are contained in cells A1, A3, and A5 (A1, A3, and A5 are contentions).

Following these easy methods can really offer you the smart solutions for the easy subtraction. All he needs to do is to make the process noted and use it as and when it is needed.

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