Make Easy Calculating Percentages in Excel

Make Easy Calculating Percentages in Excel:

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Sometimes percentages can baffle since it’s not generally simple to recollect what we found out about them in school. Let Excel take every necessary step for you – simple formulae can help you find the percentage of a total, for instance, or the percentage difference between two numbers.

What’s more, if you have to multiply by a percentage, we can help you with that too.

Find the percentage of a total

Say that your organization sold $125,000 this quarter, and you have to find out what percentage $20,000 is of the total.

  1. To find out, divide $20,000 by $125,000. Here’s the formula in cell C2: =B2/A2. The outcome is appeared as 0.16 in light of the fact that cell C2 is not organized as a percentage.
  2. To configuration 0.16 as a percentage, (which will likewise evacuate the zero) on the Home tab, click the Percentage button.

Presently we see that $20,000 is 16% of $125,000.

TIP: Formatting is the way to getting answers appeared in percentages. Find out additional in displaying numbers as percentages.

Find the percentage of change between two numbers

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An organization sold $485,000 in 2011 and $598,634 in 2012. What’s the percent change between the two years?

  1. First, click in cell B3 to apply the Percentage arrangement to the cell. On the Home tab, click the Percentage button.
  2. In cell B3, divide the second year’s sales ($598,634.00) by the first year ($485,000.00), and afterward subtract 1.
  3. Here’s the formula in cell C3. =(B2/A2)- 1. The percentage of change between the two years is 23%.

Notice the parentheses around (B2/A2). Exceed expectations ascertains what’s in parentheses first, and after that subtracts the 1.

If you have a more seasoned version of Excel, that does not have the ribbon, you can change the formatting of an Excel cell via the following strides:

  • Select the cell(s) to be designed.
  • Right click on the chose cell, and from the right-click menu, select the Format Cells … option.
  • The ‘Configuration Cells’ dialog box (appeared on the right) will be displayed. Guarantee the Number tab of the dialog box is chosen and from within the options in this tab, select Percentage.
  • The Decimal spots: option will show up in the dialog box. This permits you to choose the number of decimal places that you need to display.
  • Click OK.
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