How to Perform Multiplication in Excel? A Smart Solution

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Similarly as with all primary operations of math in the Excel, multiplication of 2 or more numbers includes the process of making a formula.

Vital points to recollect about the Excel formulae:

  • formulas in Excel dependably begin with the equal sign ( = )
  • the equal sign dependably goes in the cell where you need the response to be shown
  • the duplication sign or operator utilized as a part of Excel formulas is the reference mark ( * ) image

Using Cell References in Formulae:

Despite the fact that it is conceivable to enter numbers specifically into a formula, it is greatly improved to enter the data into worksheet cells and afterward utilize the locations or references of those cells in the formula.

The main point of interest of using cell references in a formula, as opposed to the real data, is that, if, at a later date, it gets to be important to change the data, it is a straightforward matter of replacing the data in the objective cells as opposed to rewriting the formula.

The most straightforward approach to perform duplication in Excel is to utilize the * operator, as appeared in the spreadsheet on the privilege. This formula comprises of the = sign, trailed by two or more numbers, isolated by the * operator.

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The basic Excel increase formula in the case spreadsheet duplicates the numbers 4, 3, and 10, and returns the outcome 120.

Likewise with all Excel formulas, instead of typing numbers straightforwardly into the formula, you can utilize references to cells containing numbers in your augmentation formula.

A case of how perform increase in Excel, using cell references, is appeared in the cell number A1 of the spreadsheet of the privilege.

Using the Excel Product Function

Instead of using the * operator, as appeared above, you can utilize the implicit Excel Product Function to perform a duplication in Excel.

The configuration of the Excel Product function is:

=PRODUCT( number1, [number2],)

where number1, [no 2], and therefore are 1 or more numeric values (or references to cells containing numeric values) that you need to duplicate together.

A case of the Excel Product function is appeared in cell A1 of the spreadsheet on the privilege.

In this case, the Product function is utilized to increase the 3 values in the cells of B1, B3 and B2. By and by, the result of the three numbers is ascertained to be 120.

Supplying a Range of Cells to the Product Function

You can likewise supply one or more scopes of cells to the Excel Product function (instead of typing in every individual worth or cell reference).

For instance, in the spreadsheet utilized above, so as to find the result of the values in cells B1 – B3, you could just sort the formula:


This is much speedier than typing different cell references, especially on the off chance that you have a huge arrangement of values that you need to find the result of.

Additional information and case of the Excel Product function are given on the Excel Product Function page.

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