How to Divide in Excel Easily Without Much Complication?

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Despite the fact that it is possible to enter numbers directly into a formula, it is vastly improved to enter the data into worksheet cells and after that utilization the locations or references of those cells in the formula as appeared in the image above.

By using cell references -, for example, A1 or C5 – as opposed to the genuine data in a formula, later, if it gets to be important to change the data, it is a simple matter of replacing the data in the cells instead of the formula rewriting.

Specifically, the results of the formula will upgrade automatically once the data changes.

Suppose you need to find out what number of individual hours it took to finish a venture (total undertaking hours ÷ total individuals on task) or the genuine miles per gallon rate for your late cross country trip (total miles ÷ total gallons). Exceed expectations gives you a few approaches to divide numbers.

Divide numbers in a cell:

To do this errand, utilize the/(forward slice) arithmetic operator.

For instance, if you write =10/5 in a cell, the cell displays 2.

IMPORTANT: Be certain to sort an equivalent sign (=) in the cell before you write the numbers and the/operator; otherwise, Excel will interpret what you write as a date. For instance, if you write 7/30, Excel may display 30-Jul in the cell. On the other hand, if you write 12/36, Excel will first change over that esteem to 12/1/1936 and display 1-Dec in the cell.

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NOTE: There is no DIVIDE function in Excel.

Divide numbers by using cell references:

Instead of typing numbers directly in a formula, you can utilize cell references, for example, A2 and A3, to allude to the numbers that you need to divide and divide by.


The illustration might be easier to comprehend if you duplicate it to a blank worksheet.

Step by step instructions to duplicate a case

  1. Create a blank exercise manual or worksheet.
  2. Select the case in the Help topic.

NOTE: Do not choose the line or section headers.

Selecting a case from Help

  1. Press CTRL+C.
  2. Make the selection of cell A1, as well as press CTRL+V in the worksheet.

To switch between viewing the outcomes and viewing the formulas that arrival the outcomes, press CTRL+` (grave accent), or on the Formulas tab, in the Formula Auditing bunch, click the Show Formulas button.

Divide a section of numbers by a steady number

Assume you need to divide every cell in a section of 7 numbers by one number that happens to be contained in another cell. In this illustration, the number you need to divide by is 3, contained in cell C2.

  1. Type =A2/$C$2 in cell B2. Make sure to include a $ image before C and before 2 in the formula.

Using $ symbols advises Excel that the reference to C2 is “total,” which implies that when you duplicate the formula to another cell, the reference will dependably be to cell C2. If you didn’t utilize $ symbols in the formula and you took the formula down to the cell B3, Excel would change the formula to =A3/C3, which wouldn’t work, in light of the fact that there is no quality in C3

  1. Drag the formula in B2 down to alternate cells in segment B.
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